Our Ministries

Church Planting

ECM is convinced that the purpose of the church is missions and the purpose of missions is the church. Church planting and church development is fundamental to what we do as a missionary organization. Any ministry that is not church oriented is not a biblical ministry. Since our inception on January 1, 1904, we have been committed to planting new churches throughout Europe.

Through the ECM Pastors’ Program, ECM provides financial support for national workers who are evangelizing and pastoring congregations in many areas of the former Soviet Union.

Church Development

Through vital and strategic partnerships, we are accomplishing more than we could ever possibly achieve if we operated simply as a foreign mission. Since the inception of the ECM Pastors' Program, we have experienced exceptional growth, ministry development and blessing. ECM NA missionaries and national workers are making a difference! Pray that they will continue to impact entire nations for Christ and God's glory!

Theological Education

We are presently witnessing unbelievable and unprecedented growth in many areas of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. As new churches are established, it is critical that trained leaders are in place to preach, teach and lead the new congregations.

ECM is committed to the theological education of God's people throughout Europe. ECM missionaries are presently involved in teaching God's Word and training future leaders in a number of countries. ECM supports theological institutions by providing financial resources and teaching personnel in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Children and Youth Ministries

Work with children and youth has always been an important component of our ministry in Europe. Through children’s meetings, camps for children and youth, we are endeavoring to reach and win the young for Christ. In a number of cases those children reached in summer camps have been instrumental in their own parents coming to a saving understanding of the Gospel.