Our Challenge

Modern day Europe is a continent in spiritual decline. Europe remains one of the most needy and most neglected mission fields in the world. Only around 2% are evangelical believers.

Turkey is one of the least evangelized nations on the face of the earth.

There are more evangelical Christians in Brazil than there are in all of Europe. That's staggering!

Greece was the first nation in Europe to be reached with the Gospel. Today, most people in Greece have never ever heard the Gospel. There are only around 15,000 believers in all of Greece, which has a population of over 10 million. There are more believers in the Islamic Republic of Iran than there are in Greece.

It is estimated that nearly 80 percent of Austrians have never had any direct contact with the Gospel!
In Zaire (formerly the Belgian Congo) there are 200 times as many evangelical Christians as there are in Belgium. Belgium remains one of the world's least reached nations.

Islam is the second biggest religion in England. European nations, having departed from God's Word and God's message, are now reaping terrible social, political and spiritual consequences for the sin of rejecting God.

When one generation fails to pass on the torch of truth to the next generation, then the next generation will believe a lie and reject the truth that leads to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Europe has become the forgotten and neglected continent. The Apostle Paul introduced the message to Europeans many centuries ago. The Gospel needs to be brought back again to the major cities, towns and villages of many European nations, where the name of Christ remains unknown.

"How shall they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14